Norse Tactical
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Founded in 2010, Norse Tactical is a division of Norse Security Group. Norse Tactical consists of highly trained and specialized individuals who have operated and trained in Law Enforcement as well as high-risk environments domestically and across the globe at the forefront of the war on terrorism. Our team has provided training to Law Enforcement and U.S. Military (Special Operations and Conventional), Foreign Military Forces, Private Security Groups, Foreign Nationals and Third World Countries.

Our results-driven professional services are delivered by our veteran instructors, who are among the best in the world. Recruited from elite Law Enforcement agencies and the Military, they deliver real-world, innovative instruction for all of our clients.

Norse Tactical offers a range of options, from a basic individual course to full-spectrum advanced operations and security training for military units. Logistical support, including meals, lodging, firearms, ammunition and gear rental, is also available at our Louisville, KY, facility. Norse Tactical can customize any course offering to meet the specific training requirements of the unit’s mission.